We believe in love.
And You?

I have been documenting happiness for 10 years. However, before I started working in the wedding industry, I had received a film and theatre education in Poland and England. I have directed theatrical performances, I have been a television presenter, radio announcer, and actor as well. In cooperation with, among others, Group ITI, MON, TVN, TVP, or with Group Azoty, I created TV commercials, which you have certainly seen more than once on TV.

My private opus magnum is a documentary movie from a six-month expedition through Siberia, Mongolia, China, and Hong-Kong, which for me became an initiation of a man, artist, and filmmaker.

All this allowed me to get to know the movie industry from the inside out, but most of all – to develop artistic sensitivity. It allows me to notice the spark of brightness in you, which I will capture on the wedding film. Owing to my sensitivity, I can be with you not only as a filmmaker but as a friend who put the effort in serves you with advice and good word.

Damian Żurawski