I am filled with joy that our paths unite in a moment when you begin your life together as a husband and wife. Perhaps it will be my honor to document your story full of faith and love. But first, you should know my story

Member of the WEVA PRO World Association of Wedding Filmmakers

Damian Żurawski
Director of wedding films

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Filming weedings and wedding receptions Warsaw

Each and every one of us has a mission, a task entrusted only to me, only to you. My mission is to film weddings and wedding receptions in Warsaw, Poland, Europe and around the world. Accompanying you during the most important day of your life and documenting your emotions and often what you would not notice with the unaided eye. By filming weddings and receptions I shew and artistic look at what surrounds me – a gaze full of escaping details, events happenings ‘ behind the scene’, emotions enclosed in one lonely tear flowing down the cheek of your mother, father, grandparents or other family members dear to your heart. All this so that after a dozen or a several dozen years of living together in the sacrament of marriage, you can turn on the wedding film and experience the day anew. Where we can make a keepsake of your life together? Warsaw is the place where I film weddings and wedding receptions most often, but love knows no boundaries – that’s why I will go with you even at the end of the world.

Videographer for the wedding Warsaw

Although the words: videographer for the wedding in some way define who I am, I definitely prefer to introduce myself as a professional wedding filmmaker, film director, and artist. An artist whose mission is to make timeless and at the same time contemporary paintings, showing in a special way the Sacrament of Your Marriage. Therefore, if you are looking for a filmmaker for your wedding in Warsaw, or in a location you pick who treats his work as a calling, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will help you not only to choose the right wedding style for your personality and advise which package will best suit your needs, but I also will provide advice at every stage of our cooperation. And if, instead of a wedding movie, you are interested in special thanks to your parents, save the date, the story of your acquaintance or a report from your family meetings such as baptism, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be truly honored to accompany you in the most beautiful moments in your life. Do you live in a different place than Warsaw? It’s not a problem for me. It would be a pleasure for me to create for you a wedding movie or any other movie reportage, even if I were to travel hundreds of kilometers!